Input parameters for DMFT_LMTO

Based on Ce_alpha_ctqmc

solver Impurity solver
cix Correlated set of orbitals
recompute_mu Recompute the chemical potential at each step
DCs Double counting scheme.
finish Number of charge self-consistent steps
base In which base is the greens function computed
scratch At the very beginning, LDA run is converged and only then DMFT is started
max_iterations Number of charge self-consistent steps
use_tetra Use tetrahedron method to determin the chemical potential
Niter Number of iterations in the inner DMFT loop
runLDA Run LDA at each step of the outside loop
runIMP Run impurity solver at each iteration in the inside loop
DoubleCounting Is double counting computed from impurity density matrix or charge density matrix
cut_ab The eigenvalues which are outside this interval are ignored